Pond Bulb

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Pond Bulb
What kind of lizard or amphibian should I get?

I had a Halloween moon crab shortly, it died after all my excitement and fuss over him. 🙁 Now I have a 29 long tank set up with low water level and small gravel, along with large pond rock to form a land mass on one side. I also have a standard watt reptile bulb and canister filter. I would like to replace my crabs place with something that can use what I already have, being I spent money for something that died so quickly. I looked into fire bellied newts but they don’t need the heat, and also research says to keep their climate 70F or below, and my room can get quite warm.

Any suggestions on animals that would be good for that environment? Not interested in frogs really unless its something really out of the ordinary, also I had painted turtles my whole life so I’m not really intrested in more turtles. I live in Michigan, so please no suggestions that require shipping from who knows where.

Thanks in advance!

I would recommend the Common Musk Turtle (Sternotherus odoratus).

Common Musk Turtle.
Tank: 20 gallon long for their entire lives.
Food: Frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms, earthworms, ghost shrimp, commercial turtle diet, leeches, feeder fish, crayfish, smaller snails, pond turtle pellets.
Temperatures: Water should be mid to upper 70’s, basking should be atleast 85.
Lighting: No UVA/UVB is required, but if calcium is not provided in their food, a UVB bulb is very helpful.
Filter: A good filter is a must.
Tankmates: Snails too large to be eaten, and other musk turtles.
Adult size: 4 to 5 inches.
Sexual differences: None in size and unable to be sexed until mature.

Reaches adult size in about a year to a year and a half.

theturtlesource.com is where I got mine, they have many many different species of aquatic turtles there.

Hope I helped!!

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