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By · Thursday, May 21st, 2009

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How do you translate the readings of PPT A hydrometer as% of salt in the pond?

We need a salinity of 2% in the pond and have been using the salt level test strips. We are interested in a hydrometer, but the readings are in the form of ppt. Help please? With success! That is only the information you're looking for. And yes, the action of gravity hydrometer but ours also measures of salinity. We are dealing with a koi pond – And we've been doing this at 2% for a lot of years. We have only used the test strips before.

In fact – in parts per thousand? All I've read property in specific gravity, but you may be in something more elaborate than I'm used to. If ppt, then you'll want the levels of around 20 ppt of being in 2%. 20/1000 = 2 / 100 2 / 100 =. 02 .02 = 2%

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