Pond Koi

By · Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Pond Koi

The best way to protect fish from predators Koi is a thoughtful design Koi Pond. There are several excellent ways to protect your Koi, of course, so do not have to resort to buying lures and awkward, unsightly networks.

There is nothing wrong with using the pool of compensation, but may make care of the less desirable fish and ruin the aesthetics of your pond. However, if due to less than optimal design of the Koi pond you find that compensation Waya is the only one to keep your fish safe, then you may have another option.

Motion triggered and bait sprays interfere less with the enjoyment your pond, but can be unnecessarily costly to purchase.

For the protection of your Koi, the pond should be no less than 3 meters deep and many Experts recommend no less than 4 feet.Â

Any area that is less than 2 feet is an open invitation to the two blue herons and raccoons for "easy targets". In fact, even a single security measure to help out in the lagoon, which is less than 2 meters deep, can cost you most of your fish.

No Place the shelves for plants in the pond! You can always hang potted plants on the side of the support cables. You can also opt for floating or marginal plants enhance the beauty and ecological function of the Koi Pond design.

If you plan to keep Koi in the pond you will want to avoid the edges of pond sailing, or slope, towards the bottom. The parties should be almost straight down.Â

Allowing the parties to the slope to the bottom I do not think the fish will be safe only because it generates a "deep zone" for the fish to a cave where they can enter hide. The blue heron in the water, are perfectly still, waiting patiently for the Koi to leave and then strike. Â

In addition to a design with Koi Pond the proper depth and slope can be adequate strategic selection and placement of plants from Koi Pond. Besides providing a place to hide from predators offered, oxygenation of the pond shade, moderating water temperature and help control algae.

If you already have the pond on the site may not be able to do much if you have the optimum design. You can, however, to add strategically placed plants and some of the other accessories that are available on the market. These can help considerably.

But with that said, the construction of a deep pond with steep slopes remains your best defense against predators Koi!

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