Pond Sterilizer

By · Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Pond Sterilizer
Outdoor Pond UV sterilization of questions?

I wonder what people think of the UV sterilization for outdoor ponds, I have an outdoor pool and no shade, so a large amount of algae has accumulated, but haveing had any problems yet. What other way except for there to control chemicals. Also, does anyone know a good cheap UV sterilizer. I saw a lot of Jebo brand on eBay. How good are and are the focus easy to achieve. Thank you. Thank you all for your contributions graint, I live in New Jersey and just had a very intresting heat wave, some of you suggested other chemicals covered, and the extra plant material, my email address is [email protected] Please email me w / more information on the chemical details or bactira the tank. I already have many assets that accumulate in the filter. If I purchase an ultraviolet light probably hook me a puppy separately. Thanks

I LOVE IT! I have a filter system that removes water through the pump to the UV light. It then passes the filter that captures the dead algae and clear water pumps in the pond! I DO NOT MEAN CLEAR! But I have string algae cling to the sides and put myself in the purchase of the beneficial bacteria in the Garden shop every couple of weeks. The Munch Fish string algae, so let me not scrape the sides. I can still see my fish because the water is clear!


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