Pond Tank

By · Monday, January 19th, 2009

Pond Tank

There are many different types of snails aquarium many of which can be good to have in your tank. Although some people think of snails as pests (and some), others buy them in order to keep in their tanks. Sometimes, when buying plants for your aquarium snails can hide in plants and that can awaken one or two weeks later and find your tank to be invaded by snails! Usually, however you can buy large snails in your pet store.

There several kinds of snails can consider. Each one is different and has different behavior in the tank.

The Ramshorn snail is thusly named because its shape resembles a ram's horn. Patterns come in black, red and sometimes marked. These snails will dine on your plants and can reproduce very quickly.

The horn snail is a live bearing snail food you eat and other things that have fallen into the substrate. They rarely eat plants so this is good if you have a lot of plants in your aquarium. Usually they hide during the day and come out at night, but probably will hang on the glass of his tank just below the water line when you get up in the morning. The conch trumpet can help clear the debris at the bottom of your tank.

The pond snail is normally pulling a free trip to your school about aquarium plants. The shape of a football, they reproduce very rapidly and have a true appetite for its plants aquarium quickly devour.

The apple snail is a popular aquarium inhabitant comes in 4 different species. These snails can eat aquarium plants so have to be careful. These snails can live quite long and can grow up as a tennis ball if given careful!

Most snails aquarium will be done in a community tank. Some feed on algae and some eat the remains at the bottom so that these snails can be very beneficial to the tank. Other species feed on aquarium plants, so make sure you know what you are buying, if you have plants in the tank.

The snails get along with many kinds of aquarium fish including Neon Tetras, guppies, small fish, White Cloud and danios. However, if you find that some uninvited snails have appeared in your tank, you can try the introduction of a skink or Clown Loach in the tank as these guys will be happy to eat all the snails they can find.

Aquarium snails are a great way to add something a little different in your tank, but you must be sure you get the snails that are compatible with the fish. In case of doubt ask the employee at his store and that fish will be sure to point you in the right direction.

Lee Dobbins writes for Fish Tank Guide where you can get more information on setting up and maintaining a fish tank as well as more in depth information on aquarium snails.

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