Pond Tank

By · Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Pond Tank

Aquarium fish keeping has always been considered as an immensely enjoyable and fulfilling hobby. This fun and irresistible activity is increasingly popular among American people. If you like keeping fish as pets, and after learning how to care for your aquarium or pond is of absolute importance to the welfare and happiness of their fish. Using a protein skimmer is one aspect of pond maintenance should never be ignored.

A protein skimmer is a filtering device that eliminates unwanted proteins and other organic waste in the water before starting to rot to form harmful and toxic nitrogenous waste like ammonia and nitrite. Skimmers are fairly simple in design – consisting of a glass chamber for maintaining a water column, a bubble generator and a waste collection container.

Why use a protein skimmer?

When a ship is selected, the streams of bubbles from a bubble generator are pumped into the water column to produce a large water-air interface. This interface attracts most undesirable organic molecules due to their hydrophobic water (-reject) nature. This accumulation of organic waste continues until the water-air interface becomes saturated and starts foaming. The foam is garbage accumulated in the upper water column, which is transferred into a cup and the collection of waste disposed of by emptying the cup. Therefore, a protein skimmer is sometimes called a foam filtrator.

What is a protein skimmer Does

In addition to eliminating waste organic waste water, a protein skimmer also does the following:

– Delete some inorganic impurities like phosphates.

– Delete any toxins released by corals and invertebrates in the tank.

– Easy to load on the biological filter.

– Remove the accumulation algae and kills bacteria.

– Increase the level of oxygen in the water.

However, you can also remove the natural food sources, as plankton and trace elements such as iodine, necessary for reef aquariums.

How to Use a protein skimmer?

The positioning is one of the important considerations when using a protein skimmer. For optimum efficiency, should be the first device in the filtration system. It can be placed in the pond if space permits or outsidethe pond. Remember, for the protein skimmer to work steadily, you need service from time to time – the largest collection cup, with less frequent cleaning. A small collection cup may require emptying on a daily basis.

How to Select Good protein a skimmer?

First, you must decide on its location. Secondly, how much effort you are willing to spend on maintenance. Finally, how much money you're willing to spend and if you want any add-ons like an ozonator. Protein Skimmers are available in a wide range of designs, sizes and prices – the most expensive require less maintenance and are easier to install. Whatever the case, try to buy a skimmer protein with a large collection cup. Also remember, the stronger the bubble generator, the more efficient the protein skimmer.


John Roberts is the webmaster of PondCreation101.com. Visit his site for more free tips on how to create your very own pond in your garden.

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