Power Compact

By · Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Power Compact
How much energy would be saved by replacing all incandescent light bulbs in the world for compact fluorescents?

If all the balloons were changed glow in the world to compact fluorescent lights so that the reduction in energy use could be done?

Id say a whole Bunch of Damn! (Just kidding). Good article. Here is one paragraph. Go to the website to read more. Changing light bulbs is an easy way to make large immediate gains energy efficiency. A study for the U.S. government estimated that the gasoline equivalent of the energy saved over the life of a 24-watt bulb compact fluorescent is sufficient to drive a Prius from New York to San Francisco. While on a worldwide phase out of inefficient incandescent reduce the global use electricity by more than 3 percent, shifting to more efficient street lighting and replacing older fluorescent tubes with new, more efficient This could double the reduction in energy use.

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