Powerhead Hydor

By · Monday, April 27th, 2009

Powerhead Hydor
Why is my aquarium temperature jump?

I have a 200w heater aquarium HYDOR Theo tank.the temperature of 29 gal is jumping up and down like 13 degrees within 24 hours anywhere in 77-90 .. deg.the tank has been set for about 4 mths now.it has always had a + or – as I set it up 4th place and was never a concern. (all fish are still alive). but as the last 3 days of jumping like crazy. I have no head of power to overheat it.its not near a window, and fluorescent lighting is pretty cool .. house temperature is also a constant 70 degrees.

I lost $ 100 to a heater disk bad, personally I would get that thing in the tank right now and go buy another. It will be fine without a heater for the time it takes to go to the store and back. Follow the instructions in the heater to a T when you put in the tank. Do not connect everything at once, let it sit for a while so that the heater thermostat adjusts itself to the temperature water. A 200 watt heater is a bit large for a 29 also. You want to have 3.5 watts per gallon of water. In a small tank 3 WPG, in a larger tank, 5 WPG. BTW, fluctuations in temperature cause untold stress to the fish. Stress is one of the major factors compromising the immune system of fish. Shield the dose of stress and get a new heater soon as possible. Good luck.

testing the new HYDOR KORALIA nano (power head)

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