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By · Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Premium Fiji
What is the preferred water circulation: FAST SLOW moderate?

This is a gallon to 60 FOWLER tank … Fiji Premium Rock … What are the effects of rapid movement of water, slow and moderate? Livestock: Chocolate Star, cleaner shrimp, Moroon Clownfish, Blue Tang and blue damsel.

Since none of your fish / inverts need for the specific requirements of flow of water, which had just proposed to continue with what you have instead of trying to change. If there some anenome, then you need the fast water flow for them. But it seems that you have some peaceful fish there, and I think they were wandering too with rapid water flow. I'd watch the maid, if I were you. Some types of girls can be quite aggressive and could intimidate his tankmates any time. ZTM

My 46 gallon bow front fish only salt water aquarium

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