Pressure Regulator

By · Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Pressure Regulator
Do I need the pressure regulator to connect my gas stove pipe to my gas?

I just purchased a gas stove and comes with a "regulator Maxitrol appliance pressure. "However, this state is not very clear instruction. He just said that you need to do with it if you want to convert the stove to use LP gas (I think it is the propane gas). He said if I need the pressure regulator if I'm using natural gas. My old when I lose, do not have the regulator. Now, my question is do I need the regulator or not? If so, I'm having the problem to fit the gas pipe of nature to the regulator since the opening of the regulator is then samll gas pipeline. If I then use the controller fits perfectly. Please help. my stove is Jeanne-JGD8345 air. Thanks memtion forgot. The stove is a 30 " I am putting the stove in the center of the island and the use of existing natural differences from abroad.

If your home uses only natural gas in your stove new needs no additional Maxitrol appliance pressure regulator is for use with LP (propane) only. I have installed many of these over the years.

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