Pump Air

By · Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Pump Air

So I ran out of fuel for heating and has the spare tank. Now the stupid burner only runs for a while and then start the restoration the reverse. You have the fuel and still no heat. The problem, probably the air pump. Here is how to fix this problem.

When running a oil burner fuel pump to get air into the pump. The fuel pump is a gear pump makes pressure through the implementation of a pair of gear drive oil through together at high pressures. However, because this type of pump is having a hard time getting air moved and If oil sucking in air is not pump blood in the right place is not prime.

To find the bomb, you need to look on the right side of your burner. The pump is the black box, like what is a three-inch cube. In the bottom right of this black cube is a small nipple that sticks out about ¾ ". A little key to turn clockwise open nipple. Contador is open. Once opened, with something under it to collect the oil, press the reset button and wait for the purge air pump, while the burner motor is running. If it takes more than an attempt to make the air may have to close the valve while waiting for the return of recycling. If you leave it open just suck the air again. This is especially true if the burner is higher the tank. If the deposit is greater, may bleed on its own without the engine running. Running the engine will only accelerate the process.

Once you get a flow continuous oil drain valve, close the valve and the burner should fire. If not you may have other issues. It is not uncommon to plug the filter or the nozzle when running a oil burner. Running all oil from the bottom of your tank often remove some sludge in the system and cause more problems.

A pair other ways to avoid having to bleed that burner is to either have the current pump with two tubes or to install an air eliminator TigerLoop. If you have any of these settings probably can only press the reset button and the burner is purge the air from his car.

Be patient, it may take several tries to get the hang of bleeding of your burner. There is a bit of a trick for you will quickly realize. You now have the basic steps and it is difficult to get the rest with ease.

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