Pump Aquarium

By · Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Pump Aquarium
Why aquarium air pump so strong?

I bought an air pump Top End and is so strong! It rattles and vibrates so much that, if not in some type of material, rattle it right is the position of fish. I can not even hear the TV through it – is so detestable. Are all air pumps like this? Does anyone have any suggestions for a better brand that is silent? I want and need the air in the tank, but this is ridiculous!

Lol its good to hear I'm not alone. although I can hear my TV over mine. If its so bad then maybe something is wrong. Ive found if they spend $ 5 in a pump or pump $ 20 a LOUD there all the same. Similar submersible filters. You get used to it a little but not much. The marks that say there is usually silence are not. Ive tried to wrap mine in a towel until I realized that could catch fire. So now only use it if I really need it and as I said that a little getting used to it. Do you have a filter? I hang on come in small, med and LRG and the only sound you get from them is a sound of waterfall. if you do not like this sound just above the water. At least that's my opinion. Best of luck Angel

Aquarium Pump

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