Pump Curtain

By · Friday, July 17th, 2009

Pump Curtain
new poem: could give his opinion on this poem?

"Palladio" Faster and faster .. The heart emotion Orchestra pumped into the flow .. with the sounds of the devotion of a ripple effect moves invisible trip through the sensors there is no place to hide from encapsulation moments … De Es pure divine soul enters the reactions on the mind, intertwined stroked Unstoppable No better way to escape from everything to sleep to relax The curtain is transported to the sound musicians started running My feet leave the ground at the end, lost in the tranquility What was known image begins to fade mixed prolific My heart can not escape (Copyright © Geoffrey Brett – 04/09/2008) http://www.poetrybysilvertongue.com/ http://www.poetryforall.co.uk/ Emmamac: Thanks for the critique, I think are correct about the last stanza sorry for the spelling (cough) it was too late when I wrote it (cough) lol

Like his other works I have read and criticized, I must say that this is a great poem and I will also take to class tomorrow night and share with my kind of modern poetry. Please keep the words flowing and to continue sharing with us his work here in this forum. Thanks PEACE poetry lover

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