Pump Filter

By · Monday, January 19th, 2009

Pump Filter

This is the unit that removes dirt and debris from a body of water like a swimming pool or spa. This team is one of the most important, because a crystal blue environment depends on how this device.

Some parts of a filter cartridge are:

or higher and / or Clamp Knob Assembly – usually at the top of the unit and when unscrewed releases the filter head. Note: Always make sure the bomb goes off and the air pressure inside the tank has been set released before loosening the upper knob.
or Tank Head – Provides easy access to items inside the cartridge. Usually you can turn the valve position pressure relief valve and manual air in a convenient position.
or Tank – unit in which the item is found.
or air relief valve – Allows purging air inside the unit.
Pressure gauge or – It is advisable to read 0-60 psi and when the item is dirty and is in need of disassembly and cleaning.
or Element – usually high-quality engineering reinforced polyester molded caps. This unit can be removed and cleaned often.
Ø Input and Output – The ports that are used to connect the filter to the pipe that allows water to flow in and out. Depending on the make and model, these ports can be a slip or a threaded port.
less than or Plug – Used to drain the unit when necessary.

How should a cartridge filter cleaning and services?

or shut down PUMP
or release air from the tank valve open air.
Turn or higher command or the release of the upper clamping Assembly and remove the top of the unit.
or remove the item from the tank.
o Using a garden hose and a pressure tube to remove dirt and debris from matter.
Replace or cartridge back into the tank.
or Replace the top.
Tighten or the top command and / or reinstall the clamp assembly and hand tighten.
Restart the system or pump, Bleed the air inside the air tank and closing the relief valve assembly.
or check the system to detect leakage.
or take note of the pressure gauge reading.

How can you ensure that the filter will last as long as possible?

Cleaning your filter on a regular basis is very important. Since the element is "loaded" dirt and debris, increasing pressure is stated in the unit. If the unit is allowed to continue operating without being removed from the cartridge can and will be damaged. Regular cleaning removes dirt and allows operation at a high level.

How important is the pressure gauge?
Checking the pressure gauge at the top of the tank when the unit is clean and noting reading is very important. When the pressure inside the unit rises 5.7 pounds is the time to perform cleanup. Example: Clean Reading = 15 pounds, the pressure rises to 21 pounds = time to clean.

If the cartridge to be washed with muriatic acid on a regular basis?
Acid washing shortens the life of the cartridge and should be done on a limited basis, in any case. Acid will remove calcium accumulated inside the element. When using muriatic acid use extreme caution, the team follow proper safety and security regulations for disposal of used muriatic acid. Products are available for soaking to remove excess fat, that should be used by the manufacturers recommendations. Remember when cleaning with muriatic acid, if the oils are present in the material, acid can "lock" the oil in the material. It is very important that a product to remove the oils to be used before acid is used to eliminate calcium.

How and why accumulation of calcium in the?
Poor water chemistry (high in calcium and pH levels) in your pool and spa water will contribute to accumulation of calcium. Regular testing is critical and it is important to monitor these levels in order to keep filters operating cleaner and better.

The filter in your pool equipment is without doubt one of the most important units in your system. Having to operate at peak level is very important for maintaining crystal clear water and bright. Take a few minutes each week to monitor and clean the appliance and have fun and enjoy your pool and spa. Ignore override the system and plan on spending unnecessary money and time to correct a variety of problems.

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