Pump Impeller

By · Monday, May 25th, 2009

Pump Impeller

Water pumps or not the exhaust port of mourn, the bearings can fail or in some cases, the rotor may come apart. Below I will enumerate the basic steps for replacing a water pump on most cars. Keep in mind these are general and more specific instructions for a service manual should have a reference. These tips I've used as a master automotive technician for years and a couple of them marked with an asterisk have helped me a lot, but to my surprise, many Professionals do not use!

In any car that is not a bad idea to drain the coolant from the radiator or engine block in a drain pan, this helps prevent coolant getting into the components that might be damaged (ie alternator). I prefer to capture most of the liquid with a fluid extractor, using a heater or by-pass hose. If the fluid is not reused will be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

Ten Tips to change a water pump

  1. If equipped, remove the fan, fan clutch and shroud. Cars with electric fans may or may not be removed to gain access.
  2. If the water pump that is changing is driven by a toothed belt, and consider changing the hydraulic tensioner, if applicable. The belt or belts of accessories also should be inspected for cracks and wear at this time. The work will overlap in many of these components, if you are doing yourself or pay a technician.
  3. Remove other components required to access the water pump. This could include the brackets or mounts that may be on the road. Remove what is necessary and try to avoid taking off more than necessary.
  4. * As you remove the screws and brackets, should be placed in a car service in order and writing a brief note for easier reinstallation. I used to place floor mats white paper on top of my car service and write with a black marker, to refresh my memory. Not that I know where they could not screws, but this way did not have to waste time unnecessarily.
  5. * The transverse-mounted engines when there is not much clearance, often making floor with a wooden block can be used in the oil pan to boost low engine as needed to make bolts and components easier access to others.
  6. If the disposal of a timing belt, make sure of the marks of time before disassembly. I always went by the time the brands and marks of my own that I have done with a touch of white to cream or paint over. A little effort to ensure that the brands are well worth the time because the timing belt only needs to be off by a tooth to work together to ruin!
  7. Remove the screws on the pump, take note of the possible different lengths. Look at the new water pump to help make sure all the screws are removed before hitting curious or slightly to pump water off the timing cover. Also note that if a long beam is put into a short hole and forced at times could cover damaged.
  8. Remove pump motor and clean the gasket material of the timing cover. If using a pneumatic tool, such as degree of ninety die grinder like most professionals, be careful not to remove metal from the top of the time box. Grinding discs or cookies are great for saving time, but be careful to use the correct type for your application. The Browns are more abrasive and the greens are less abrasive for aluminum.
  9. If the water pump uses a rubber stamp cleaning there will be less necessary. Pasting a rubber gasket or seal of paper will help to keep it in place for installation.
  10. After re-assembly using a funnel fill Lisle help purge air from system. Run the heater and squeeze the upper radiator hose periodically to help burp the air cooling system. Observe the temperature gauge to ensure the car is running at normal temperature.

After replacing the water pump, use a Lisle coolant funnel to purge the air, see the short video of it in action. Also be sure to check out our tool blog for the latest information on repairs and use of mechanic’s specialty tools.

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