Pump Marineland

By · Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Pump Marineland
Livestock suggestions for mbuna 75? and hows my settings?

Installation: 2-200 Marineland Wheel biological filters (50 gallon) 1-Marineland heater 1 to 48 "of light with spotlights from 2 to 24" substrate glass lids – aragonite, until now I have about 55 pounds, the goal for atleast 125-150 pounds decoration, only stones, or plants 1 – AIR-PUMP my dad says we do not need one more, but I'd like one, as my previous tank was only 10 liters, and that says we should use that one again, but I'ts only for display, so no need to take into account ventilation, but 10 gallon pump push enough air in the major airstones (more too)? 2 – wall anchors (~ 660 lb capacity each) with everything that is said, after of the process of the bicycle (white cloud minnows are good for this?), i is like having a concrete tank mbuna any suggestions people? thanks guys, Amit

Your Marineland, 200 filters, although nominal 50 g each, not really intended to be used for tanks of 50 grams. This applies to almost all available filters on the market. Caregivers experienced discovered so early, we use "overfiltration" frequently. If half of its manufacturer, this number is is in good form. So in your case, you have seepage that is excellent for 50g installation. He started wrestling as biolo-level approach their total deposit, with the installation you mbuna. As you mentioned, airstones are not completely necessary unless you like the look. Only one way to know if it works – Try. 🙂 Do you know anyone who already maintains aquariums around you? Cycling is long and tedious process. If you can get some filter media used trusted person (ie no fish diseases), which is cutting the process of cycling from 1 month to 1 day. When I get this setup tank, let me suggest to think about the possibilities with this tool: http://www.aqadvisor.com is an online calculator aquarium stock. One of its features is to determine the biolo installation set. Mbuna for configuration, you need to control excessive aggression. So you may want to go near 100% if not more. In doing so, is possible that the ability to overcome so that the filters may have to do that later on too …

200g Marineland Deep Dimension Reef Tank

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