Pump Sponge

By · Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Pump Sponge

If you tried to remove a toy (or anything else) in your toilet stuck with a closet auger without success, the next step is to pull the toilet. This is not as hard as you may think that as long as you follow these instructions step by step.

Before you begin you must have some supplies. This is what we need: a ring new wax (you can get at any hardware store), an adjustable wrench, a spatula, a pair of needle nose pliers, a pair of channel lock type pliers, a flashlight. It could also be helpful to obtain a small inspection mirror an auto parts store, but you may not need this.

OK, let's Started:

1-plunge the toilet and wash several times to clean out. Be patient, if there is a lot of toilet paper to block the toilet may be necessary to immerse and wash a little to get the raw material out. (Sometimes, even after much digging her may not be possible, depending on the size and shape of the toy. If not, this going to be ugly.)

2-Turn off the water for bathing

3-Flush the toilet and hold the handle down to get much water as possible from the tank

4-bowl cut to get as much water as possible. If this is not possible, just go to the next stage

5-Get some rubber gloves and a sponge and absorb the remaining water from tank and bowl. (If you were unable to sink the bowl clear this is the worst part of all the work.)

6-Disconnect the water line where connects to the tank.

7-bolt protruding from the plastic sheeting with a knife (if it covers). Pay attention to how Amy art washers and spacers located.

8-Remove the nuts (pay attention to how you find the washers).

9-Rock the bathroom and back a little and pull up and out of floor.

Now read the 10-bath in the tank again (carefully) so you can see the inside of the bottom.

11-If you can see the toy, try to remove it. The nose of the needle or channel lock pliers may be helpful here.

12-If you can not remove it try to use a closet auger to push back from the bottom. If you do not know what a closet auger is a special tool to unclog toilets. You can get at any hardware store.

13-A Sometimes, if you can not see what is blocking the toilet, which helps to use a small mirror to look inside the bathroom (you can get one at the auto parts store)

14 Once the toy (or whatever) off, scrape the old wax off the flange plate and floor with putty knife.

15-Put a ring of wax down again and carefully replace the toilet, making sure to get the screws aligned.

16-Enter the toilet with a little twisting motion to push the wax until it is based solidly on the ground.

17-Now put the nuts and washers back the way they were. Be careful when you tighten the nuts so uniform and slow so as not to crack the Chinese

18-A then connect the water up and test everything for leaks.

19-Straight some crumpled up toilet paper through a couple of times to make sure everything works.

20 Finally, Pat yourself on the back, you just saved a lot of money.

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