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By · Monday, June 29th, 2009

Pump Syphon
Unleaded petrol in diesel car?

My mistake put 1 / 2 a tank of petrol in my diesel car, the tank is full. It's an old Volkswagen 1991 with indirect injection through a mechanical pump, no turbo. I ran for 30 miles or so, and was smoking a little, and spitting a little. I'll siphon and fill the tank with diesel, any advice?

Up to 25% of its fuel can be gasoline and diesel fuel still burning. A 50% gasoline, diesel is not hot enough to burn the gasoline that goes to smoke. Petrol normally required to cause a spark to explode after that is already mixed with air. It will not blow the engine up or anything. But because it burns hotter when burned and that reduces the lubrication of fuel should not be a habit for your rabbit. If you are starting for you and you are so low that it would fill 25% of petrol to fuel the recharging fuel only. To siphon, then only need to get through a tank. You can add it to drain back into the tank a few liters at a time. Sometimes a little is added to diesel fuel to prevent the formation of wax cold weather, although it more difficult to burn diesel. When they do, they should also add a little lube injector.

How to Siphon Gas from a Newer Vehicle

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