Pump Transformer

By · Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Pump Transformer

I recently discovered an inexpensive and environmentally friendly product to supplement your home heating system. It is a compact room heater, but efficient, solar designed to be installed in south facing rooms of your house or apartment.

Since it is powered by the sun, and heated with hot air, the only mechanical or moving parts is a simple fan that draws room temperature air heating panel through a number of channels for heating, exhaust pipes and the air is heated again in the room.

The window solar heater core is 20 "x 32" x 3.5 "and framed in clear pine for painting or staining. Think of it as a box with an aluminum panel (collector) behind a sheet of Plexiglas air tight on the outside, and a sheet of thin wood on the inside to trap the collected heat.

Inside the box are two baffles configured to resemble a maze. This allows a continuous flow of air that is heated as it is drawn through the box by the fan.

The aluminum collector panel has a matte black finish to maximize absorbing heat from the sun. On a day of sunshine, the panel will reach temperatures of 140 to 170 degrees.

A newer version of the solar heater replaced the window panel of high quality aluminum copper, also finished in matte black.

Located inside the panel is a thermostat switch. When the temperature the hot air reaches 120 degrees, the switch automatically turns the fan. When the air temperature cools to 90 degrees or less, the fan goes off.

The small, efficient fan will move 102 meters cubic of air per minute, or about 6,000 cubic meters per hour. The cost of electricity to run the fan is about $ 3.00 per year.

The base model sells for around $ 150.00. The newer, copper lined solar window heater sells for $ 10 extra.

Electrical components are available separately for $ 42.95. They include the fan, thermostat, control box output and the processor. If you're handy, you could probably build your own solar heater for the window of around $ 80.

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