Pump Tubing

By · Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Pump Tubing
Will reduce the sump pump pipe increased sound control?

Tubes of the sump pump runs in a bedroom and we hear the water running through the vibration and overall pump. Someone suggested that the lower pipe midway between the basement floor and roof to reduce the sound. Would you believe that this would cause a significant decrease in the sound or am I spending money to change this?

Could reduce noise, but depending on the type of insulation you have in the walls, maybe not. Mojado sound usually involves the application of sound absorption / damping materials. (Insulation.) The easiest solution would be to get a foam cover that fits over the tube from the sump pump. A cover of the motor housing help too, though you want to ensure that still allow the engine cooling, ie the coverage should give the engine and allow sufficient space for circulation.

IV Gravity tubing changed to IV Pump tubing

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