Python Spill

By · Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Python Spill

The Everglades is 1.5 million acres of marshy wetlands is about 45 minutes from Miami, in Florida. These wetlands, along with many others have the greater biodiversity than any other ecosystem in the world. Wetlands help maintain a clean environment are a natural nursery for many animals and plants and store energy.

However, most people believe that this mass of worthless swampland. And unfortunately for the Everglades, agriculture and mining are taking their toll. Many of the Everglades has been lost, but the remaining parts have been designated as the Everglades National Park for the purpose of their protection.

Wetlands also face invasions of exotic plants and animals. These plants and animals tend to be quite aggressive in nature. They occupy a space essential and reduce available food resources for native plants and animals. Some invasive plants are the Old World climbing fern, Seaside Mahoe, pine Australian and Latherleaf. Invasive animals are in the Everglades are toad Burmese python, Cuba and Lionfish frog.

Conservationists and the State government are doing their best to ensure that the biodiversity of the Everglades, is not lost. Efforts are underway to prevent drying of wetlands and restore its former glory. A large part of this work actually began around 1934, when people like Ernest Coe and convinced that forced Congress to become part of Everglades a National Park. Subsequently, it took 13 years for this to actually happen.

Meanwhile, the state government has acquired U.S. sugar the largest producer of sugarcane in the area. The sale occurred in 2008. This means that 187,000 hectares of farmland are no longer used for agriculture and prepare the way for land to become part of wetlands, once again. Moreover, this will reduce fertilizer runoff into the wetlands.

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