Quartz Sleeve

By · Friday, September 18th, 2009

Quartz Sleeve
A tree told me some stuff ….. comments / criticisms?

Bird sat in his lap, drawing, music, vigilant … The sunlight caught in the shadows swinging on trapezes branch Wind, lifting its history, eighty years ago, whispers start of the day watch. cobalt bottles strewn pieces of broken porcelain bright quartz lifting its members, a sigh, and then adopted by the force of the nut bearing age, I'm protected by green sleeves. peanut shells on beams of the fields and working families who have loved and lost around two pieces of history that the house is under the walnut tree.

Once there is Greensleeves, kissed by the sun. A lovely poem. Memoirs of pieces under the tree …

Changing the Quartz sleeve on a wiper unit

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