Ramshorn Snails

By · Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Ramshorn Snails

Most fish keepers see snails as pests. You can not blame some of them really are. But on the other hand, some people keep snails as pets. There are a variety of aquarium snails available. Typically, the snails degree of company are available at your local store Pet. In some cases, small snails can be hidden in aquarium plants. Be careful when buying as some people have a big surprise after a couple of weeks when your tank are infested.

There are very few types of snails that thinking. Each type has different characteristics and features. Below are the common types and a brief description of each.

Ramshorn Snail:

They are called as due to RAM as the horns you have in your head. Their colors range patterns of black, red and black. They usually eat all kinds of indoor plants and are known to be prolific.

Trumpet Spiral:

They do not lay eggs like most snails. They are viviparous. They normally feed on particles that are present in the substrate and rarely eat plants. These are recommended to get if you have a tank full of plants. These snails are nocturnal, which means they are active at night. This type of snail has been known to keep the bottom of your aquarium free of debris.

Pond snail

This type is quite remarkable, as has been observed to hide in the aquarium plants. They are usually shaped like soccer. Pond snails reproduce very fast and have big appetites. They can wreak havoc on your aquarium plants.

Apple snail:

This is a much loved addition to the aquarium. The apple snail has four different species. Are known to eat aquarium plants. Be cautious when deciding on the inclusion of this type to your tank. Under suitable conditions, the snail apple may be an inhabitant of your tank for a long time. They can even grow the size of tennis balls.

Nearly all aquarium snails grow well in tanks community. They eat algae and other debris that accumulates in the tanks. They can help greatly in maintaining water quality. However, some eat aquarium plants. Sure that you know everything about them before adding to your tank.

Aquarium snails are good companions to fish like danios, guppies, neon tetras and White Cloud minnows. Moreover, if you discover unwanted snails in your aquarium, you could add a skink or Clown Loach, as these fish snails account and dinner.

Aquarium snails are a great addition to your tank. Be sure to consult your pet store assistant before buying, such as compatibility Fish and snails are crucial.

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Ramshorn snails

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