Red Green

By · Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Red Green

Why is it that when we go and have a walk in a park full of green and blue skies and green trees that our mood was lifted immediately if feels a little tense and stressed? And why is that nurses wear white as his general's uniform, or that some hospital waiting rooms and television lounges where customers expect from a show, are painted green? We do not realize it but the color affects our everyday lives weather we like it or not. They act as a invisible force that can influence how things happen. We spend much of our waking hours at work, so it makes sense that colors influence our office productivity in a positive or negative way. There are things we can do to change our work environment to better understand some things about how various colors can influence us.

First, are the four primary colors, red, green, yellow and blue. In a later article, I will talk about some of the other colors that can affect us especially in an office environment.


The color red is the most emotional of all. It is a color very authoritarian. Have you ever noticed why many politicians are red tie? Red signals of dominance and if a person is with a tie red, especially paired with a black suit, which makes the user seem more assertive and dominant. There is a reason why politicians and people who appear in public, much wear what they wear. If you have to speak in front of others about a topic that is supposed to be an authority on, wear a red tie or for women, such Once in a red suit as they are "men of power."


Green is a soothing color and it is totally opposite of red in its effect on you. Is the color more pleasing to the eye and therefore softer at this point, the color of the most popular decoration. That's why people sit in a "green room" in television studios. Hospitals often use green as a soothing color for the patience and people in waiting rooms. Apparently, brides in the Middle Ages wore green as her wedding dress green symbolizes fertility. Research also shows something simple like having a green screen saver or wallpaper on your computer in the office can soothe and reassure. Use of green around the office can give a balanced view and quiet things.


Yellow is a sunny color and a striking effect and also improves concentration. It is considered to be an optimistic color, however, research has shown that people lose their tempers more in a yellow room and babies tend to mourn more too. It is also the color that is most difficult for the eyes to take in research has also shown that if you want your boss to notice your submission or report, filed in a yellow cover of some sort. Have you ever wondered why all notebooks are yellow or why the most popular since the notes are yellow?


The color of the sky and the oceans, making it one of the most popular colors. Produce calming chemicals to be released in our body and that is why it is popular for use in the rooms. However, color can also be a cold and depressing under certain circumstances. Color therapists found that wearing a blue shirt, for example, can cause your blood pressure and gives the impression of be loyal, moderate thinker besides being consistent. Dressed in blue shirt rel = "nofollow" href = ""> in an interview is the best color to use. We have also found that working in a blue room people are more productive. Blue gyms have been found to be the best color for weight training.

We have a lot of input on what the system of colored office is or should be, but there are things we can do to change our work environment to better understand a few things about colors can influence how different we are.

Andrew Bailey

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