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By · Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Red Live

Alphard Banks, 42 nautical miles southeast of Struisbaai, Cape Agulhas, is possibly the most southern fishing and diving destination in Africa. The place amounts to about 15 meters and then drops to about 80 meters west and 70 meters in the east with the waters around 300 meters down. This is truly one of the most pristine and fish rich in fishing destinations in the Western Cape, and definitely worth the travel time there.

Coordinates & Location Type
Location Type: Shoal (s)
Latitude: -35.05
Longitude: 20.88333
Latitude (DMS): 35 ° 2 '60 S
Longitude (DMS): 20Â ° 52 '60 E

A trip to the Alphard Banks Struisbaai port normally has 120 to 190 minutes depending on the waves and sea conditions, traveling at about 35 KM / h, so that the time plays an important part in determining the ideal time for that trip. The best season is from January to April, when calmer weather clear and warm sea are the norm.

With the warm Agulhas current that flows around the Alphard Banks and the surfacing of some colder waters of the Benguell today, we see that nutrient loads in water, and therefore large numbers of pelagic fish such as yellow, Marlin, pelagic sharks as soupfin, bronze whalers, sharks hammer and white sharks, Tuna, Dorado and King Mackerel. Alphard Banks is an ideal place to quickly search and swimming Black Marlin Striped Marlin, and is one of the places white of the boats during the 2 Oceans Marlin Tournament every year.

Since no commercial fishing is allowed at this wonderful fishing spot has not been overexploitation of fishery resources (yet). This year, a few boats that have already ventured out there and schools of yellow tail, with some fish is estimated at 25-30 kg, lazying be seen in the upper water. Dorado was swimming around and a fine specimen of 18 kg was pierced by one of the Spear's. Marlin was also sighted, but No contacts were made successfully.

The Alphard Banks is also home to monstrous Red steenbras, some more than 30 kg of fish size and even more 50 kg have been recorded here. The bag limit is 1 Red steenbras per angler per day. The favorite bait for these fish is a live 2 kg Red Roman or Roman trap bait Red. The battle that followed, after a successful connection is destined to be legendary, like the Red steenbras is known for its dirty war – The departure of each rock and the cave, with its powerful tax force, even the most experienced fisherman.

Awesome Charters Struisbaai is based on offering trips to the Alphard Banks (when time permits) in a 28-foot target Buttcat major trophy Yellowtail Red steenbras, power Packed Gold Marlin and beautiful. The cost is R7000 ($ 800) for the boat / day with a maximum of 4 fishermen allowed.

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