Red Shrimp

By · Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Red Shrimp
A Clown Loach eat a cherry red shrimp?

I want to start a 75 gallon tank and wondered if a clown loach eat a freshwater clam, cherry red shrimp, Crystal Red Shrimp, Flower Shrimp Singapore. What I really want to know is whether clown loaches eat freshwater inverts. Thanks

The clam may survive, but the snails and shrimp are the natural food of clown loaches. clowns really need to live in a group, you're going to be very shy, nervous and may even die of stress and stravation. A group of them could pass a 75gal, but it will take many years. Some zebra or yoyo loach could be better, but can still eat shrimp. Ian

Crystal Red Shrimp / Red Bee Shrimp from Indonesia –

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