Reef Bulb

By · Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Reef Bulb
20 gallon reef tank, implementation, need help?

I've started a reef tank 20 gallon, I have live rock, live sand, bio spri live bacteria, water levels are, I have 2×65 watts, so 130 watts total, 24inch tank, 16inches depth, the temperature is 78, I have a nano skimmer Internal HYDOR power head 400 GPH, 20 gallons of Aqua clear filter, 3 gal nano filter, is there anything else I need?

you have thought about this very well and needs nothing more than good work. The only suggestion I could do to add filtering is to make a collector yourself and increase the amount of flow water and reduce levels of nitrate in the tank. Good work and keep the job.

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