Reef Lighting

By · Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Reef Lighting

How to create a saltwater aquarium depends on the type of ecosystem that is thinking about the house. Different environments require a different computer aquarium and species. This article will give some guidance to show some options for your home.

A saltwater aquarium, is a very affordable aquarium fish only. One of the major cost savings involves the basic lighting system. But low cost does not necessarily mean that this type of tank is easy to maintain. Excess nitrates must be constantly monitored and frequent water changes are rather the necessity, due to lack of solid rock.

Hermit crabs and snails are a possibility in fish tanks only. They are very compatible and are also great for cleaning algae. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and very entertaining. However, snails reproduce rapidly, due, so ask your pet store technical support and advice before making any purchase of a snail.

A second option is a fish tank aquarium with live rock only. Rock Live requires overhead lighting, which generates a cost to you, the pet owner. However, the rock is a natural filter and helps immensely in the nitrogen cycle. For many, the cost of the lighting seems trivial when considering the benefits of filtration added that the live rock added to the aquarium environment.

Make no mistake, aquariums live rock maintenance free. Healthy water depends on many things, including the following: calcium, magnesium, iodine, strontium and other minerals.

Possibly the best rock that is available is the rock of Fiji. However, this rock is expensive. Once again, the owner must determine whether an environment best live rock, which naturally provides filtration and the food is worth the expense.

A third option is a reef tank, perfect for housing corals, invertebrates and anemones. In this type of environment, fish are not be the main attraction!

Reef aquariums require conditions of water first rate and expensive lighting. They also use reverse osmosis, and and deionized water. Corals and other marine species must have all these devices work well to grow to their full potential.

These are the three types of aquariums saltwater. So, before purchasing a saltwater aquarium, they realize that each type of tank requires a different setup with respect to lighting, filtration and chemical levels.

Larry Getz is a saltwater aquarium enthusiast. Visit saltwater Aquarium 101 for more expert advice on how to setup a saltwater aquarium and other tips you can use right now to setup an amazing aquarium.

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