Reef Saltwater

By · Friday, March 6th, 2009

Reef Saltwater

When I started the hobby of marine aquarium wanted the biggest, the newest and best fish tank I could find. The first tank I started was 200 gallons and had over 20 fish in it. It took months for setting up and running and was never satisfied until then. I was always cleaning, or adding of new corals, or caring for sick fish. Then I decided that this tank was too much for me. I decided to move to something a bit smaller. I moved to a tank 50 gallon and gave a lot of my stuff away to friends. Once this deposit was cycling and it was full of coral that was still not hitting the ground for me. I decided I wanted a challenge. I moved to a new type of tank that was fashionable, a Pico reef tank.

A pico reef tank is the same which is great, only it is less than 5 gallons. My first was 3 gallons and it was amazing. The best part about these deposits is that you can put in any part. You do not need a giant stand, or a comprehensive system in place, all you needed was a table or countertop.

To start this little adventure I found a small all glass aquariums. It was 3 gallons. I then decided to use a small cabinet on the stand. This allowed me to keep most taxpayers and bombs hidden from view. Use a second 3-gallon tank and the filter. I used all natural filtration. Once this reef tank installation Pico could not fail to find the perfect coral to go with it. I kept adding coral and shrimp until full!

I could not stop a tank. Now, all rooms of my house has a small reef aquariums in it. These tanks range from 1.5 liters to 5 gallons, but all are beautiful!

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24g nano reef fish saltwater aquarium! – Zack Follett

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