Reef Tank

By · Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Reef Tank
I have offered a reef tank of 75 gallons for free?

My friend has to move and cannot take the tank with her and asked if I would like the tank for free? The problem i have very little experience with reef tanks or saltwater nothing. I raise angelfish, but I wonder and I looked reef tanks are hard work? The tank has been set up for 3 years and comes with everything, but I'm worried about maintenance and how they differ to care of freshwater tanks?

Take it! If ben up and running for three years, then you have all the right equipment, and your friend should be able to give a crash course in caring for the reef tank. Moving on a mission, but as he looks you should not lose any cycle or fish. Get a good fish book marine maintenance. A reef aquarium is more technical to implement, and needs more testing and adjusting a simple freshwater tank. But it's not rocket science, just do some research and you should be fine. Ian

Reef Aquarium

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