Rena Filstar

By · Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Rena Filstar
Tap water is OK for a turtle?

who recently moved to an apartment with only tap water or filtered water as before. I have a tank 50 gallon with a 3-inch red hicotea. I'm getting a filter Rena XP3 Filstà in a week, my question is that I have to dechlorinated well? Or is the filter be powerful enough to remove all the ammonia, nitrates, chlorine, without the use of a dechlorinated?

Could well be on the safe side and get the dechlorinator water used for fish. It is a liquid and just use two teaspoons per 10 gallons U.S.. should help and not expensive at all. In addition, clear nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, etc.

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