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By · Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Rena Wet

Now that you've decided to redecorate and have chosen a paint color, the next step is to choose a glossy or for painting. Choosing the wrong finish can cause less than favorable results. The correct paint finish will make your space look spectacular (if have also been developed and prepared the walls before time). So, how you know what when you finish applying? Well, there are some basic rules to follow regarding the place of use each paint finish that will help ensure that all the work put into a paint job is not in vain. These are the five paint finishes and general recommendations for use.

Gloss – This is the brighter paint finish and is perfect for drawing attention to the beautiful trim work or whatever you want to highlight. Gloss can withstand heavy wear and is easy to clean especially if it is oil based rather than water-based latex.

Satin – This is the brightness that is traditionally used in areas wet as kitchens and bathrooms. It, too, is bright and easy to clean which is perfect for rooms that tend to have a stroke. The brightness is reflective and makes it easier to perform tasks in these spaces.

Eggshell – This is the most popular gloss for the walls. It is a combination comfortable not too bright and not too boring. It is washable and a good choice for high traffic areas such as hallways and stairs.

Satin / Matte – These finishes are good choices for bedrooms. They have a low sheen that emits a warm glow. And as a bonus, you can clean and not polish.

Floor – This is the paint finish that is perfect for hiding imperfections in the wall. It is easy to clean and is often used for roofs. Paint finishes are also made specifically for flat roofs to ensure that there is any bright point of distraction that will draw attention to imperfections.

In essence, how the painting done has to do with their brilliance. So, take the extra time to decide what you beforehand will paint for you to buy the right finish for your project.

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