Replacement Bulb

By · Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Replacement Bulb

1. They can not replace all the lights in your home

The directional LED bulbs emit light. They are poor substitutes for the bulbs used for lighting large areas – generally referred to general lighting. They are better for the replacement of land and flood lamps used for lighting track, lighting accent lighting and outdoor security.

2. That emits blue light

Most people think that sounds a tone LED bulbs blue, described as a kind of science-fiction creepy light. This often happens so be careful what color you are buying. The great thing about bulbs LED is that now come in different shades of white from hot to cold – but these are going merchant buyer.

The best way to tell the color of light is for the classification in degrees Kelvin (K), also known as color temperature and find a guide that shows the colors of different temperatures. The search for "color temperature "on Google will give you big results.

3. They do not take heat well

Heat will drastically reduce the life of a LED bulb. Make sure your investment is not put to waste by letting their bulbs are too hot, keeping them away from heat sources.

4. Can not be used with dimmers

All LED Light Bulbs sold today typically do not work with regulators. You can find custom accessories constructed using LED's that come with their own power supplies and control regulations. If you're putting in a drop-in replacement LED light bulb, the regulator I was using with halogen or incandescent bulb will not work.

5. Lumens output is misleading and often exaggerated

In simple terms lumens is measured by taking a light measurement device and taking the average rating of light around a source of light.

A Bulb LED status could be very light to say a 50W incandescent bulb, but this would be brilliant in one place and lights up a room pretty bad while 50W incandescent that would do very well. Similiarly, might also have a much lower rating than a 50W incandescent bulb but put out a very strong focus.

A lot of seller exaggerate these ratings because right now there is no standard for measuring the brightness of an LED bulb. The best way to really know what is getting is to see how it compares to an incandescent lamp or halogen. For example: "This lamp has a light output equivalent to a 50W or 20W incandescent halides. "If you include images then even better.

We’ve been in business for over a year selling LED light bulbs all over the US. We specialize in retro-fittable, drop-in replacements for current incandescent and halogen bulbs in all the most common shapes. We provide a superior LED equivalent for most of the common bulbs you’ll see being used at home, office or in a retail store.

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