Replacement Filter

By · Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Replacement Filter
Fuel pump and filter change in a Chevy Malibu 2002?

Are there mechanisms out there who know what it would cost to replace a fuel pump and a fuel filter in a Chevy Malibu 2002? My mechanic says I should not take long, but he charges $ 730. Is that the price of good reputation for this type of replacement? Do you think I could find a better price?

Of course you can find a better price, someone will always cheaper, is a competitive business. My guess is that the mechanic looking at your car and have an hour of time for diagnosing your vehicle (some of the 730) and probably will a break of their diagnosis. If you have your car towed somewhere else cheaper, "" you pay for the cost of cables (if not running) and probably someone from another diagnostic charge if you want a guarantee of proper repairs. And time work as our database is 2 hours 5 hours for the replacement fuel filter. Its price may be high litte but if you feel comfortable with the mechanics and have a representative to do the job right the first time you are in good shape. Also a quality fuel pump is expensive, make sure that is what your getting. Good luck.

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