Replacement Impeller

By · Monday, January 11th, 2010

Replacement Impeller
Where is the water pump on my 1973 23 foot boat Commodore?

I have the boat to start again, lol. I guess it needs to dry more? anyway. Suck the water yet. I started and put the hose from the hydrant in a bucket of water and do not suck. Infact I saw some air bubbles come out of the hose into the cube! Must be the driver? Where is the damn thing so I can open it and see if it needs replacement. thanks

If it's an outboard, which is in the lower unit. If an I / S has a water pump in the front of the motor and impeller in the lower unit. If you run for any time at all dry, which has fried the impeller. You must have a pressure water hose and attached to the intake of water in the lower unit to start and run the engine. – Hayward Pool Pump Impeller-Seal Replacement

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