Replacement Lamp

By · Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Replacement Lamp

Prices of computers continues to drop in price and increase in features and functions. This is the advantage of consumers. However, many consumers do not have full advantage of this situation.

Point of sale equipment based computer that follows this pattern of falling prices and increased features. A flower an entire industry behind a layer of mystery in connection with point of sale hardware, software and systems. In large part, employers continue to pour money into the pockets of traders who are overloaded for the repair and replacement of parts, including printers.

POS Printer Repair – What do you

Let's look at what most people with a broken printer. Attempting to repair the printer through your local dealer.

It makes a call dealer that will ask the business owner to determine if the printer is actually broken or if the problem could be software, cable or power output. Yes, there really repair calls appropriately addressed the power supply plug the printer into the power outlet.

If the printer is determined to break a technician will come to collect it. If there is a prior agreement with the grantee of a printer on temporary loan may be replaced, while performing repairs.

Many dealers have gone to a flat rate for repairs to the printer. Be charged this fee and parts to repair the printer. Parties pay at full list price and wide to U.S. $ 125 – $ 150. Charges are higher than generally charged that exceed the cost of a new printer.

In total, the cost to repair a POS printer should never exceed $ 300 you could get a new printer for that amount. However, a printer repaired not to pursue total assurance, as a new printer. Probably only have 30 to 90 day warranty on repairs. That means that if this same printer goes down again in 91 days that will have to do it all again.

POS Printer Replacement – What you get if a dealer does

Replacing a printer, point of sale is much simpler and faster than repair. This is mainly due to the fact that most dealers not repair the printer yourself. Actually send the printer to a repair depot that services remotely and then returned. This repair process may take weeks and in the worst case, a month or more.

Replacement printers typically stored in local dealers. If not, they can get from a printer replacement of one of its suppliers within a day or two. However, be prepared to pay full price with a dealer's margin of more than 40%. This could easily lead to the replacement cost of a POS printer to the $ 500 mark.

At least with a new replacement printer that will start the clock a new warranty period. The problem with this is as much of this new guarantee is passed to you by the dealer. I regret to say that a large number of dealers instead of 1 year of the 3-year warranty offered by the manufacturer.

POS Printer Replacement – What do you get if you do

Let's look at what you get if the source of the replacement printer via the Internet. You may be surprised at how easy it is and how much obtained for less money.

First, you get the same printer that you get from the bench. You can even get the printer from the same warehouse that the concessionaire purchase.

Next, you pay much less because you're removing the distribution margin. In some cases this is more than 40%.

Finally, there is full factory warranty. In the case of POS printers This is usually 3 years or more. What this means is that you will contact the manufacturer printer which then direct you to the closest warranty repair center to repair the printer and bill the manufacturer.

Want know the fun part of all this? In many cases you will find the dealer you were doing business with the printer is the warranty repair center. Remember how he spent only one year of the 3-year manufacturer's warranty? This means that charge customers to fix the printer and still get the guarantee paid by the printer manufacturer.

DIY is easier than you think

It is not certified, special training or a college degree to change to a POS printer. A 12 year old can do it without a screw driver. So why can not you? Just because they have not tried.

The next time you go through your POS system to take a look at the printer. Check the cables on the back. There are probably a maximum of 3 wires that connect to the same connectors on the replacement printer. Each cable has a different and only fits into the same plug in the printer replacement. No tools required and no training is necessary.

You will not call an electrician to replace a light bulb in a lamp and not should call a technician to replace a POS printer.

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