Replacement Light

By · Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Replacement Light

If one of your headlight bulbs has blown it's usually the last to know, driving blissfully unaware that there is only light coming from one of the headlights, while other drivers can see clearly that one of you car bulbs has burned. Once you know that a bulb has burned then have to find a replacement law and install it. But how do you know that you are getting the best of their bulbs and there is a way to make them last longer?

Indeed, there are really only three types of car bulbs that can be installed on your headlights and are standard halogen lamps, modern lamps, heavy xenon bulbs upgrade long life. Determining how long a bulb headlights owe their ultimate worth remembering the old adage that "the light that burns twice as bright lasts half the time. "

The standard halogen lamps are the type of bulb that was installed by the vehicle manufacturer in the factory and is usually full OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. This type of car bulbs usually last between 350-400 hours of use and emit light at a reasonable level in the road.

Upgrade Xenon lamps such as Philips and Osram Night Breaker Extreme Power bulbs use xenon gas to produce a light up to 90% more brighter than standard halogen bulbs, making nighttime driving safer and less stressful, and because of its high performance design that can be expected between 200-300 hours.

Finally, long-life bulbs of car headlights and, as its name suggests, is to reduce the amount of time you have to go replacing your car bulbs. Using heavy reinforced components that you can expect a long life bulb can last more than 50% more than the lamps ordinary halogen, giving an expected bulb life of 500-600 hours, while still producing the same light output than regular halogen bulbs. Bulbs Long-life car are slightly more expensive than standard halogen counterparts, but are considerably cheaper when you factor in the duration extra long life.

When replacing the light bulbs are recommended, and the good sense to change both at the same time. First, if a bulb is burned the odds are very strong that the other will hit soon after, and changing together you do not have to repeat work for a while, and secondly, if the bulb is reached the end of its useful life is beyond their optimal performance in production of light.

A final point to consider when you change your bulbs car headlight is not touching the glass with bare skin during the process. No matter how clean their hands, the bare skin always leaves a residual fat in the crystal, this creates a hot spot on and eventually will lead to premature failure of light bulbs. So, to get the most from their headlights whenever Change bulbs in pairs, wear gloves protection during the selection process and the right type to suit your needs.

Jo Alexander writes for Phoenix Car Bulbs who stock a wide range of both standard and upgrade Headlights Bulbs. The selection includes the latest upgrade H7 Bulbs that will dramatically improve the output from your car lights

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