Retrofit Kit

By · Monday, June 29th, 2009

Retrofit Kit
where low pressure service port in 1990 rs Camaro?

I'm wanting to change a / c from R12 to R134. I bought kit, but none of the accessories adjustment. I'm pretty sure I tried to correct port. I retrofitted other vehicles in the past without problems. Some had to just screw adapters ports of age, and some that I had to remove the old port, and replace it with accessories. In this car, no flat surface on the ports that are seen as a key is can be used to remove them. None of the ports that come with retro-fit kit old ports. I'm pretty sure that high and low ports are near the dry line. Do you mistaken, and if not, how can I change this again? Thanks! The accessories that come with the kit do not fit existing accessories. Existing fixtures do not seem to is not bolt. "No singing background for the key." I'm not sure what to do. '90 Camaro accessories are welded to the line, or if they screw off? What to do? Where is 'low pressure switch "and" tube hole' located?

The low port pressure in a Camaro in the receiver dryer. This is the low pressure switch, the screws of the low pressure switch to the facility that is pointed to the engine and the low pressure port faces towards the front of the car. The orifice tube located on the high side line for the dryer below (the smallest line) the high side line, where the orifice tube will have a couple of small dents in it. Students keep the tube orifice a larger fall in the line. The setting you are talking about has a special connector to the end with screws. I have a set of Snap On tools. As you say, some other accessories only take a key, but do not.

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