River Driftwood

By · Thursday, March 12th, 2009

River Driftwood
I make my own wood flooring in my freshwater aquarium, but that wood is better than others?

I am under the impression that the wood is completely dry, dense, and have nothing in it. I live near a river, I'm not 100% sure that the wood I should use. that forests are better than others, and that the forests should avoid? I researched the soaking and cooking and we will do everything, just want to know that forests use.

Look for hardwoods as solid oak, etc. conifers like pine and cedar Evita, because it can leak oil and chemicals that are toxic to fish. Ignore the "Nooo your fish will die "crowd. Give it a good cleaning and boiling point and will be fine. I have about a dozen pieces of wood of various rivers and beaches in my tank of – guess what – my fish are alive. Ian

Hudson River Driftwood Art

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