Rock Aquarium

By · Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Rock Aquarium

Looking for attractions in Melbourne? Look no further …

Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, is in the south-east of Australia. It is the capital of Victoria. Melbourne and Victoria are great places to visit. The city offers great shopping and restaurants, and Victoria has a beautiful countryside and coastline combine the national and state parks with more calm, small towns and some larger regional centers.

Melbourne has plenty of tourist attractions and things to do for visitors. One attraction is the Melbourne Aquarium, which is one of the main tourist attractions here in Melbourne. Perfect for visiting with children, but pleasant, with no children, so the Melbourne Aquarium offers something for everyone.

Melbourne Aquarium is designed to resemble to a boat moored. It does not look so great from the outside. That is, until you realize that most of the building is 20 meters below the surface. In the aquarium Melbourne, you can enjoy your own self-guided tour that takes you through four unique levels.

At level one can discover the caves creepy, Billabong, rock pools, and mangroves. On the ground floor may sink or swim with giant crabs and sea dragons, coral atoll, jellies and sea and Japanese spider crabs. At Level B-1 was able to see the octopus and there is a playground for children at this level. And the level B-2 includes the conservation of sharks, animal husbandry, aquarium and the aquarium.

The wildlife at Melbourne Aquarium

This tank of 2.2 million liters ocean is rich in wildlife. There are sharks, rays and sea turtles in the aquarium, which has a foot glass room will make you feel like swimming with the fishes.
If you like adventure, you can adapt and diving with sharks at Melbourne Aquarium. But if you do not want to get wet, you can only take a boat tour on the bottom glass so you can see marine life and stay dry. Another interesting view that you would not want to miss is the feeding of sharks. In the Melbourne Aquarium, professional divers feed the sharks twice a day for public display.

Melbourne Aquarium: You can look and touch

If you are not satisfied with just looking, though in the case of sharks is probably prudent to keep only that, but you can touch. There are a rock band where staff aquarium touch and allows you to handle things like starfish and sea urchins.

Do you have a child who has a birthday approaching? Aquarium Melbourne has something for you too. Be allowed to have a birthday party at the aquarium and provide your child's favorite food and other cool options.

Melbourne Aquarium: thematic exhibitions

The Melbourne Aquarium is also great for a series of thematic exhibitions. It has recently "Creepy Crawlies" about all kinds of insects, spiders and slimy creatures. Another recent development is "Antarctica". This is a simulation of the place cold in the ground, with real snow and ice. You could watch the King and Gentoo penguins slipping on the ice and play, or take an expedition through "Antarctica"! The project was a year in the construction and opening in late 2008. With these new elements, the Aquarium itself guarantees the return of many young people in Melbourne, of course. There is no reason that any time my daughter and I are in the downtown, asked when we go to the aquarium again and what is the special exhibition at this time!

Having gone through all the excitement of the Aquarium, which undoubtedly hungry. But this is not a problem. All you have to do is visit Melbourne Aquarium coffee. They have everything from a full meal to a cup of coffee. You can enjoy your meal, taking in the sights of the Yarra River and Southbank on the other the water. And if the supply of coffee in the Melbourne Aquarium is not to your liking, then I suggest you simply cross the bridge and have a great meal at one of the great coffees Southbank or in restaurants!

If you want to have a fun time with the children in Melbourne, then Melbourne Aquarium is definitely a Melbourne tourist attraction you want to go. We go fairly regularly, at least once a year. If you live in Melbourne, or you're a visitor, a visit to the Aquarium Melbourne be an experience that will stay fresh in your mind for many years. provides you with great accommodation suggestions and ideas about things to do in Melbourne to make your stay in Melbourne, Australia, an absolute success. Visit the Things to Do in Melbourne page for more ideas for your visit to Melbourne.

new aquarium with homemade rock

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