Roman Ruin

By · Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Roman Ruin

Sorrento in Campania, southern Italy is a popular tourist destination for backpackers looking for a lively nightlife without breaking the bank.

The picturesque village offers many activities and attractions as well as a gastronomic feast courtesy of the local cuisine.

Going Out
Most restaurants have live music at night. After a hearty meal of seafood dishes Sorrento or traditional Mediterranean offerings, travelers can go to one of the many city's cafes or clubs.

Music festivals offer a great nightlife in the spring and summer. One example is the Sorrento Festival, a celebration three months of classical music and jazz.

Neapolitan folk music folk dance also performed at local venues throughout the summer. Travelers can check local listings or ask at your hostel Sorrento, when the next event is due to take place.

Piano Bar are also a feature unique nightlife of Sorrento. Live music, nightclub and restaurant all in one night in a piano bar is a great way to spend a night before returning to Hostel of Sorrento.

Eating Out
A satisfactory way to close a day of sightseeing before travelers decide to return to their hostels Sorrento is eating one of the local restaurants.

Storico Center is the place to go to restaurants and cafes. Packed restaurants with terraces on expansion are the places to eat and gay people watching during the spring and summer.

Outdoor public events provide an enjoyable and inexpensive way to enjoy a night. Backpackers can be useful to investigate their Sorrento hostels for a calendar of public events.

Before returning to Sorrento hostels to be ready to go at night, travelers could spend the day watching some of the sights of the city.

The Roman ruins are all Sorrento parties and passengers can be set up to see what remains of the once impressive buildings.

The Basilica of San Antonino, founded in the tenth century, structure is memorable as is the Sedil Dominova and baroque Covent di San Francesco.

History lovers may wish to visit the Museum Correale, while a stroll through the Marina Grande can also be a refreshing way to spend an afternoon.

Before settling down and becoming a copywriter for Paul Scottyn did a backpacking tour of Italy and he checked out a variety of hostels including Sorrento hostels

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