Salt Water

By · Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Salt Water

It is important to realize that there is much more environmentally friendly and more affordable alternatives to salt water pools today, has more than one option to consider. Salt water pools and the use of chlorine and more and more studies are revealing the consequences of unhealthy chlorine pools. Oxygen treated pools are increasingly popular as they are much more environmentally friendly, are free of chemicals and are more secure in their family and friends you invite swimming in the pool.

As this natural system does not use chlorine to combat the bacteria in your pool can have the relief of red eyes, itchy skin and even longer life of your bathing suit. You'll also find less wear on your current pool as when salt water pool systems will use a large amount of calcium can build on the walls and floor, causing unwanted enlargement, that can literally ruin your pool area and will cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. This type of pool requires little or no maintenance and when that is said about the oxygen pools treated, it is true. Are only required to spend less than one minute the day checking on your swimming pool during the months of the year.

Find the electrical cost and overall running of this system to be incredible, less than $ 1 per day on average. This is the type of maintenance fees throughout the world is looking, especially when the pool is not only safe for your swimmers, but safe for the environment as well, a fantastic combination of less than $ 1 a day. This is a bit smaller than the incredible expense that costs to run saltwater pool.

These systems are created for easy installation and easy maintenance, and 6 months free support to help you use your system effectively and most importantly efficiently. The oxygen treated oxygen system uses electrodes to shock the pool water as it passes through line pressure. You test your pH levels of water once a week, and copper levels. Then switch the button on the electric control unit and ionize 4 and 8 hours depending on the size of your pool. This will put a certain amount of copper in your pool more effectively kills bacteria and algae.

This is the number one alternative to chlorine and salt water from the system and are 100% safe and can be sure when you go swimming depart feeling refreshed and not at all the dry and sometimes in a chlorine pool. With such diverse benefits and cost reductions for a much more effective, it can be difficult to understand why some people continue to choose the most expensive and most dangerous choices of the swimming pool today. Take time to learn what these popular chemicals can actually do for you and you'll wonder why you think that even his family swimming.

Please visit us to learn more about the alternatives to salt water pools and a salt water generator, and how to swim in a chemical free pool.

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