Saltwater Aquarium

By · Monday, February 9th, 2009

Saltwater Aquarium
Saltwater aquarium?

Im thinking of starting a 20 gallon. Approximately how many fish in the tank shape. How much coral. Any suggestions for the type of fish into a tank of this size. Is there a lot of maintenance with a saltwater aquarium?

Depends on what you are planning to have in the saltwater aquarium. If you are planning to add live rock and coral sand, the number of fish was reduced to a minimum. I do not believe in inch per gallon rule. That's silly, but if you have not experienced saltwater tanks before, I would suggest that clownfish or damsels. For clownfish and maidens I suggest the smaller species. Many of the girls are very aggressive, even with other fish. I would start with the Green Chromis or Percula clownfish. They are peaceful fish and do not need anemones to survive. There are a lot of maintenance that has to do in keeping a marine aquarium. You need to have the pH, ammonium and nitrate under control, you must also have a specific gravity of salinity for the live rock and live fish. Not necessarily for the fish but you live rocks. You have to do weekly water changes, water condition, the testing of water parameters, you must have a good diet to fish, you need know about marine fish diseases and how to treat. You also need to know about the compatibility of each fish. For example, if you put a tusk Harlequin with an ordinary fish, the Harlequin tusk is actually quite aggressive and has no teeth, otherwise the fish are intimidated. However, the tusks are Harlequin designed for large aquariums, not recommended for 20 gallons. Blennies You can also add to your tank, it really depends on the amount of decorations that are inside tank. Make sure you are prepared to take care of the aquarium on a daily basis. Anyway, For more information, please consult marine aquariums the wikipedia or Hope this helps, thanks for asking ……………

Saltwater Aquarium – Essential Equipment

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