Saltwater Snails

By · Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Saltwater Snails
Saltwater aquarium snails?

Hello, I have a 72 gallon saltwater AQ for a few years now, and want to add a few snails to help to continue the maintenance and accumulation of algae on the glass. One person down on the local fish store said absoultely not do it, why waste the money because the snails can not survive in an existing reservoir. He said the snails have to be in the home. Is that true? I only have a few fish, and not a reef tank or rock. We appreciate your thoughts.

That could not be further from the truth. Most of all fans to buy shells to their tanks all the time, provided they do not have fish that eat snails. Although not the longest-running creatures, which are useful in cleaning your tank. Just give them adequate acclimation, and to fit your existing tank without problems. Snails that I have lived for over a year in my tank. I recommend add some live rock though. It has many advantages, including increased biological filtration, providing a natural shelter for fish, and stabilize the pH. There are certain snails, as Stomatella and Collon, that can even begin to grow in the rock.

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