San Francisco

By · Saturday, February 7th, 2009

San Francisco
What is a good place in San Francisco for dinner and dance after a private wedding?

My mother is 44 years old and is having a wedding small private practice in San Francisco. She wants to go to dinner and dancing afterwards. Any suggestions as to where to go?

My husband and I were married in SF, like, small wedding and went to a really Acquarello elegant dining at the Italian food was delicious in an old church (perfect for the wedding dress code as it is formal dress). Then we went dancing and drinks at the Top of the brand, which someone mentioned. which is a large, traditional "dance" place for mature people. I do not mean couples like gray hair and walkers, but not a nightclub. It is the classic jazz you can dance. We rented a limo to take us from one place to another since there was a lot of us, and it became very easy to get from one point to another without having to worry about parking. He also gave us the ability to compress the whole city to have our wedding pictures taken in front of the "Painted Ladies," China Beach Japanese Tea Garden, Shakespeare Garden, etc. I personally do not recommend going to Jazz at Pearls seveal reasons. The first is that it is a real concert venue, which means no talking. I think wedding night, leading the type of event to an abrupt end to go sit and watch a jazz show. It is better to go somewhere that jazz has lived for a few drinks where you can still socialize and celebrate. Secondly, something terrible is happening in Pearl. I'm not sure if they are under new management, or just passing by some kind of problem, but the last time we were there, were totally disorgnized and the staff was rude, so something has changed. It is still a place clean to go see a concert of traditional jazz good show, but not on her wedding night. The staff at the Top of the brand is first class, very elegant place.

Scott McKenzie – San Francisco

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