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By · Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Saw Pilot
I want to learn to fly, can I get a Sport Pilot Certificate in the UK?

I want to learn to fly as cheaply as possible. I saw the U.S. has a "sport" license, you only need 20 hours of flight time. They are available in the UK? If not, how can I learn to fly without it costing too much? Flying to the U.S. is not an option.

Not in the UK. The cheapest way to get what you want is the NPPL (M) – National Private Pilot License (ultralights). The ultralight license requires at least 25 hours of flight training to include at least 10 hours of solo flight. Weather normal to reach the level required to pass the General flight test is closer to 40 hours to 25, but very few people manage in the shortest time. A microlight is a powered aircraft built in the following definition. Maximum permissible total weight of 450 kilograms for two seat aircraft, 300 kilograms for single seat aircraft, wing loading up to 25 kilograms per square meter or in terms of sustained flight at a minimum speed of 60 kilometers per hour or less. There must be a fuel capacity to allow at least one hour at maximum rate of fuel consumption.

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