Shiro Utsuri

By · Friday, August 28th, 2009

Shiro Utsuri

If you have built yourself a koi pond, which will have to become familiar with all the supplies of fish in the pond you need to get it working and well maintained. Also will have to find out everything you can about koi ponds cattle.

Koi fish are amazing, and people who work in them seldom give up they. Many say they are addictive. Certainly, all the fish in the pond there, koi are the most fascinating. They are incredibly beautiful, colorful and curious. Beings respond human and always come to investigate whether people are on the side of the pond to admire. Over time they become very docile, and eventually will eat from his hand.

Koi are a type of carp that originated in Japan. In relatively recent years that have been developed through a process of selective breeding and now there are models and colors that can farmers earn a small fortune. For example:

· Shiro Muji is a pure white koi,

· Aka Muji is clear red

· Ohgon clear gold

· Yamabuki Ohgon is spectacular yellow-gold metallic Koi with scales,

· Hariwake Ohgon is a fish on metallic gold and silver, which seems to shine out of the pond,

· Asagi is black with blue scales and has a sort of balanced look to it,

· Shiro Utsuri is black with white spots,

· Ki Utsuri is black with yellow markings,

Hello · Utsuri is balck with red marks,

· Kikusui is white with orange wavy patterns on her body,

· Tancho Kohaku has a white body with a single place, but big in red on its head,

· Kohaku is red and white, the background color is white – and, preferably, the starting red with a red spot on the fish's head, and ends with a point just before the caudal fin (or tail),

· Taisho Sanke is also known as the Japanese koi tricolor, and is a white fish patterns red and black, preferably with a big red spot on his head, and the

· Showa Sanke is a modern Japanese tricolor is black with red and white markings on it.

The Germans have also been selectively bred koi, but generally these are not as thin as the races in Japan. The standards also vary.

When you buy your fish, you will pay much more for those who meet the color and pattern that criteria perfectly that do not. But even koi that are not perfect in terms of patterns are still magnificent.

When is a storage pond with Koi, the most important factor to consider is how many fish can be accommodated. Koi can grow to three feet in ideal conditions, but they need plenty of water to swim in. When calculating the number of fish that can accommodate, allow at least 27 square feet for each fish, to allow sufficient growth. Instead of buying less fish if you are unsure.

Make sure you have a pump and filter that fits the size of your koi pond and feed them good quality pellets made especially for koi.

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