Shrimp Aquarium

By · Friday, July 17th, 2009

Shrimp Aquarium

I have a few tanks of different sizes and have all my shrimp tanks. I have the red skunk cleaner shrimp, pistol shrimp and tiger a shrimp of fire. The next tank I'm going to get will have a mantis shrimp. I can not put in any of the tanks that I have now for what will come after. I like each for different reasons.

The Scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp is very fun to watch. When you put food to feed them will come to eat of your hand. When they come to eat from her hand tickles with all the little feet of his skin.They have two bright red stripes back there and the rest of them in color white to almost clear. What they do is clean the fish of the dead skin and parasites. It's funny because it seems to be hiding then jumping fish and just beginning to clean them.

The pistol shrimp is great, because it is actually very small with a large crack caused by claw there. One of its claws is larger than the other and this is one that is prey to stun. The sound pooping send a shock wave to their food and kill any small or if it really bothers to it so you can eat. One strange fact is that they have very poor vision. So, to its list of the help of governments to help. The governments act as a guard for the shrimp and in return shrimp share both at home and food.

Fire shrimp are bright red, with two beautiful white tail spots. They are very similar to scarlet cleaner shrimp except that color. Fire shrimp clean the tank left over food and Poo. This helps keep the tank clean and helps to remove the deposit unwanted nitrates. Also clean the fish like the cleaner shrimp.

The last thing I get is a peacock galleys. I'll have to get a acrylic tank that is not broken. The mantis shrimp and shrimp claw gun has nothing in common except their attack is much stronger and stronger. The praying mantis can break a conch shell in one or two hits. They will eat anything small enough that you can eat. These include snails, shrimp or fish. These are the reasons why, as the saltwater shrimp. I hope you like them to.

If you would like more information on shrimp try my site. And I also have a page on mantis shrimp.

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