Siphon Cleaner

By · Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Siphon Cleaner

Turtle Aquariums are not difficult to clean, but take time. Turtles are reptiles messy – to eat, drink, bathe, urinate and defecate in the same water. Finally, all this mess will lead to dirty water can cause illness.

Grimy Turtle Aquariums are also an eyesore in the home. Not only seems out of place, but also attracts insects and bacteria. Therefore, it is important to maintain a clean aquarium, so that your tortoise can live freely and safely.

To clean the aquarium, you need the following materials:

* Water vacuum

* Plastic siphon tube

* Gloves

* Toothbrush

* Baking soda

* White vinegar

* Paper towels

Once have all the materials, you are ready to start cleaning.

Move your turtle elsewhere. You can probably put in a box or a children's pool. Just make sure that the temperate is around 75 degrees. It is also advisable to keep close to the turtle so you can check up on it occasionally.

Connect the plastic tube to siphon water into the void. Direct the other end of the hose to the sink, bathtub, or the window, if you want use water for plants.

While the vacuum is empty of water turtle aquarium, remove the decorations, accessories and other objects from the tank. Use a toothbrush and white vinegar to clean and rinse them. If you're adding more decorations, sure it does not fill the tank. Also, if you took exterior decoration, sterilized before addition to the tank.

For the filter media, the use of water to rinse out. Sure that no dirt, algae or other things in the filter.

Wipe the tank walls with a toothbrush and baking soda, especially for hard water spots. Use a paper towel and white vinegar inside the tank. Scrub and clean the glass thoroughly.

Once the tank is empty, remove the vacuum siphon tube. Flush the tank once again, to eliminate waste of vinegar and baking soda. Allow time to resolve water before disposing of them. Doing this process at least three times. Do not use glass cleaners turtles in aquariums because they can cause problems for the turtle.

If you find that your tank is fairly clean, you can add now fresh water. Place the tube on the faucet and fill the tank with water. While the tank is full, you can return the accessories inside the aquarium. This is your chance to rearrange or change the layout of the aquarium.

Change 10% of the water in the tank once a week maintaining sanitary conditions. To keep the water clean longer, remove the food scraps or leftovers in the tank every day. Better yet, you can move the turtle to a separate tank for feeding will not do much more of a mess in their own habitat.

Turtle aquarium can be cleaned every 45 days, so there are no problems for himself too often.

Learn more about Turtle Aquariums and how to best care for your pet turtles at: http://www.TurtleTanks.Org/turtle-aquarium.html

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