Siphon Gravel

By · Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Siphon Gravel
How can I make my own gravel siphon?

Any ideas on how to make your own soda for cleaning fish tank gravel? 5gallon I have a tank with my betta in it. I know you could only buy one for inexpensive but good, a project like this could be fun … Ideas? By Please give the steps and materials.

Hmm, it seems fun. = P You need a large tube, maybe 1-2 inches in diameter and a small tube. cut a deduction at the end of the large tube and the small stick in it. I seal where they connect with some silicone sealant made for aquariums. Before placing the tube in short, I would stretch a nylon stocking or something so the land does not pass through the tube. Good luck! To get a visual idea: This might be interesting to watch, too. Slower traps would be good for the betta and from 5 gallons is so small that it can clean up. Http: / / / Make-a-Gentle-Aquarium-Siphon-or-Vacuum How to Use:

Aquarium maintenance part1 : How to clean your gravel

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